Virtual Chaplain

How to engage with our Virtual Chaplain

Please note: the Virtual Chaplain is available from 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday-Friday except for federal and other select holidays

Do you sometimes feel like screaming? I think we can all relate! Join us in the free Work Untangled community where we're all on this journey together to express God's grace@work (share, post and learn). Click "Work Untangled" below to register for your free account through Communi (a powerful tool that brings people together), and then grab your pillow and scream! Or, click the bottom right chat icon and let one of our Virtual Chaplains encourage you.

What is A Virtual Chaplain?

The Virtual Chaplain is a trained staff member who can:

  • listen to you

  • pray with you

  • encourage you

  • redirect you to additional resources

The Virtual Chaplain is NOT:

  • Your counselor (but they will listen, encourage, pray, and refer you to other resources as best they can)

  • A Professor in theology looking for a good debate (but they will share Biblical truths to encourage and uplift)

  • Your financial planner (but they know some good ones)

  • A suicide support line (but they will encourage you to seek help and stay safe through other agencies)

  • An employment agency (but they will pray with you regarding your next step)

  • A job complaint line (but they will listen and pray with you about your situation)

  • A 24/7 support desk (they are online from 9-5 est)

If you are in the USA contemplating suicide and need to talk with someone, STOP and call the national suicide hotline at 988, and for teens 1-800-872-5437. If you are in danger, call 911. For our international friends, help can be found at

Click or tap the icon on the bottom right to get started with the Virtual Chaplain!